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Home of the New Shakespeare Company, the Open Air Theatre has been a permanent feature of London since 1932. Situated in London's Regent's Park it is the oldest, fully professional, permanent outdoor theatre in Britain. The Open Air Theatre hosts performances during the summer months only i.e. from June to early September; attracting over 120,000 people during its fifteen week season.

If you are thinking of going but are put of by the thought of having to drive and having to find a park, forget it. Hire a limo in London to take you and you and your partner to Regent's Park in comfort and style. There is also an annual children's production, so you may want to bring the whole family.

Being home to the New Shakespeare Company, ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream' remains a signature piece in the repertoire of the group. On Sunday evenings they host a series of comedy and concerts. There is an intimate indoor studio, which is the home for two weeks of comedy, dance, music and drama. Performers and directors who have worked at the Open Air Theatre include Rhys Ivans, Richard E Grant, Ralph Fiennes, and Dame Judi Dench.

You can pack a picnic or take advantage of the on-site buffet, bar and barbecue, then settle in for some great theatre in the fresh air and lush surrounds. Grounds open early so you can soak up the atmosphere beforehand.

When you are ready to go home simply call your chauffer on the mobile and your hired limo will be there, waiting to take you home. After a few hours in the night air you will appreciate the warm, comfortable ride home.

Right in the heart of the city, Regent's Park is a jewel in London's crown. Aside from rose gardens, formal gardens, lakes, reedbeds and wetland, at the weekend Regent's Park is awash with various summer activities like impromptu football matches and ‘Open Air Theatre.'